Century City | Holmby Hills | Westwood

Century City | Holmby Hills | Westwood

This “city within a city” is home to a cluster of high-rises that command a visible stretch of L.A.’s skyline.

Welcome to Century City

This “city within a city” is home to a cluster of high-rises that command a visible stretch of L.A.’s skyline.

Century City wouldn’t exist without 20th Century Fox: The neighborhood was built on one of the movie studio’s backlots. In 1956, Fox’s president decided to repurpose the land for real estate development and with the help of his nephew-in-law, an attorney who’s been dubbed “the father of Century City,” commissioned a master plan from an architectural firm. The first building went up in 1963.Referencing 20th Century Fox, the neighborhood was formerly used as one of the movie studio’s backlots until it was repurposed for real estate in 1956. Century City is bisected by Olympic Boulevard and occupies less than one square mile.

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The Neighbors: Professionals Who Work Nearby and Polished Urbanites

Though nearly 50,000 people flock to Century City for the workday, only approximately 6,000 Angelenos call this sleek, commercially-driven neighborhood home.

What to Expect: Towering Office Buildings, Luxe Shopping, and a Thriving Food Scene

Though its population density thins at the end of the workday, Century City is rife with neighborhood infrastructure. Several shopping malls and a host of upscale restaurants contribute to a thriving retail and nightlife scene within this commercial center, including the 422,000-square-foot Westfield Mall development.

The Lifestyle: Bustling Commerce Complemented by Upscale Entertainment

While Century City’s evening entertainment rarely gets too rowdy, its denizens take full advantage of the area’s luxe shopping and dining options.

Unexpected Appeal: Sleek Architecture and Urban Energy

Despite its diminutive nature, Century City feels more like a big city than the small town its square footage would suggest.Its expanding professional population, cluster of high-rises, and major Westfield shopping center lend a bustling urban air.

The Market: Luxury High-rise Condos and Mid-century Apartment Buildings

Much of Century City’s property is commercial, but it also boasts some of LA’s tallest, most well-appointed condo offerings as well as mid-century apartment buildings and duplexes that harken back to its early days of development.

You'll Fall in Love With: A Patio Culture Complemented by Creative Cuisine

Century City’s sleek outdoor spaces serve as prime canvas for a fleet of inventive restaurants. Grab high-end American fare at Tom Colicchio’s Craft or indulge in the Japanese-influenced menu at hotspot Hinoki and the Bird. With Mario Batali’s Italian food mecca Eataly slated to open in 2017, this neighborhood’s culinary scene is only growing.


Welcome to Westwood

In-demand district with diverse neighborhoods and shopping

Westwood is one of Los Angeles’ most in-demand areas. Sunset Boulevard forms its northern border, with Beverly Crest and Beverly Hills immediately beyond. To Westwood’s northwest, the Platinum Triangle’s glamorous Holmby Hills falls within the community’s boundaries. Santa Monica Boulevard bounds Westwood to the south, with West Los Angeles and Century City respectively located to its south and southeast.

Commute Times
Century City: 12 minutes
15 minutes
Downtown Los Angeles: 35 minutes
Burbank: 35 minutes

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Westwood: A Master-planned Masterpiece

Westwood’s development began in the 1920s following the opening of the UCLA campus. Much of the district was master-planned by the Janss Investment company, including Westwood Village’s open-air shopping center. The Village takes heavy inspiration from Spanish architecture, with decorative tiles and clay tile roofs, along with an emphasis on open spaces, courtyards, and patios. The Janss Company modelled glittering Holmby Hills after an English country village, with large lot sizes and England-inspired street lamps and names.

The Neighbors: Families, Professionals, Students, and Celebrities

Westwood is an eclectic district, with the youthful energy of UCLA students, urban professionals who value its convenient location, and the Platinum Triangle glitz of Holmby Hills.

What to Expect: Quiet Residential Streets Surrounding Westwood Village and the Ucla Campus

The sprawling UCLA Campus is a major Westwood landmark. Points of interest here include the luscious 7.5-acre UCLA Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden and the Los Angeles Tennis Center, which hosted the tennis tournament of the 1984 Olympic Games.

The Lifestyle: Dine and shop without using your car

Westwood is one of Los Angeles’ most walkable communities, with many shops and restaurants located within the designated historic landmark of Westwood Village. Designed in the 1920s, this upscale commercial area has one-of-a-kind fashion boutiques, big-name brands, and dozens of high-quality international restaurants.

Unexpected Appeal: the Final Resting Place of Some of Hollywood’s Biggest Stars

It may seem odd for a cemetery to be considered an attraction, but Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park is one of the world’s most visited graveyards. The headstones of many Los Angeles legends are located here, including Marilyn Monroe, Hugh Hefner, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Burt Lancaster, and Dean Martin.

The Market: Varied and Desirable Homes

Westwood’s real estate mix varies throughout the district. Properties around Westwood Village mostly consist of stylish apartments and condominiums. To the north and south of Westwood Village, quiet residential streets feature elegant early and mid-20th century single-family homes with dramatic contemporary architecture. The grandest homes are located along Westwood’s northern border with Bel Air and the ultra-desirable Holmby Hills neighborhood. Real estate here is among the most spectacular in the world, with lavish estates and breathtaking design inside and out.

You’ll Fall in Love With: High-quality Theater Performances

Housed within a charming 1920s building across the street from UCLA’s campus, the Geffen Playhouse is one of the best theaters in the LA area. The five plays staged here each season feature famous film and television actors, frequently earning award nominations.


Welcome to Holmby Hills

Holmby Hills has become a symbol of the Los Angeles elite.
Holmby Hills was established in the early 1920s by Alphonzo Bell, who bought a house on a large ranch after becoming a millionaire when he struck oil on his farm in nearby Santa Fe Springs. Holmby Hills is a neighborhood where privacy and high-priced real estate go hand in hand.
Holmby Hills boasts some of the most magnificent property in the country. Located on the west side between Beverly Crest and Brentwood, the neighborhood is primarily residential with only a few shops within its 6.3 square mile area. Its remote location in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains provides privacy and beautiful scenery for the high-profile locals.

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Neighbors: The Celebrities, entertainers, and Hollywood power players.

Holmby Hills is home to many film industry elite who take shelter in its secluded properties. These houses often feature strategically-placed ornate gates or foliage to provide an added layer of security and privacy.

What to Expect: Massive houses amid the Santa Monica foothills.

Among the country’s most elite neighborhoods, Holmby Hills boasts one of the lowest population densities in Los Angeles, a testament to the generous dimensions of its properties. Idyllic drives along its winding roads reveal some of the finest examples of residential architecture within the past century.

Unexpected Appeal: A gated perimeter, accessible to the east and west.

Although the Bel Air community is gated, its two main entrances are open to the public. While the privacy fencing adds to the neighborhood’s hallowed sensibility, its open access points introduce an inviting element.

The Market: Holmby Hills is some of the most exclusive in the country.

Holmby Hills is a mix of massive mansions and, well, more modest mansions. Multiple floors and wings are the norm; gated drives offer properties a great deal of privacy and swimming pools abound.

You'll Fall in Love With: The tranquility of a true neighborhood.

Holmby Hills’ most alluring attribute is that it’s truly residential. Without a downtown to speak of, traffic is largely limited to its denizens, resulting a private, peaceful community.

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