Bel Air | Brentwood

Bel Air | Brentwood

Bel Air has become a symbol of the Los Angeles elite. Brentwood channels an urban sensibility.

Welcome to Bel Air

Bel Air has become a symbol of the Los Angeles elite.

Bel Air was established in the early 1920s by Alphonzo Bell, who bought a house on a large ranch after becoming a millionaire when he struck oil on his farm in nearby Santa Fe Springs. Bel Air is a neighborhood where privacy and high-priced real estate go hand in hand.

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The Neighbors: Bel Air is Home to Many Film Industry Elite Who Take Shelter in Its Secluded Properties

These houses often feature strategically-placed ornate gates or foliage to provide an added layer of security and privacy.

What to Expect: Massive Houses Amid the Santa Monica Foothills

Among the country’s most elite neighborhoods, Bel Air boasts one of the lowest population densities in Los Angeles, a testament to the generous dimensions of its properties. Idyllic drives along its winding roads reveal some of the finest examples of residential architecture within the past century.

The Lifestyle: Tranquil, Secluded, and Discreet

Bel Air represents a protective oasis within the greater Los Angeles area for many of its residents. Life is placid in Bel Air which is what its denizens most appreciate. Aside from the Bel Air Hotel and the Bel Air Country Club, there are few social hubs.

Unexpected Appeal: A Gated Perimeter, Accessible to the East and West

Although the Bel Air community is gated, its two main entrances are open to the public. While the privacy fencing adds to the neighborhood’s hallowed sensibility, its open access points introduce an inviting element.

The Market: Bel Air Property is Some of the Most Exclusive in the Country

Bel Air is a mix of massive mansions and, well, more modest mansions. Multiple floors and wings are the norm; gated drives offer properties a great deal of privacy and swimming pools abound. While pricing on houses vary, it is not uncommon for estates to sell between 40 and 50 million dollars.

You'll Fall in Love With: The Tranquility of a True Neighborhood

Bel Air most alluring attribute is that it’s truly residential. Without a downtown to speak of, traffic is largely limited to its denizens, resulting a private, peaceful community.


Welcome to Brentwood

Brentwood channels an urban sensibility.

Brentwood includes high style boutiques and trendy restaurants balanced by large secluded houses in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains. It provides a tranquil refuge for residents, while maintaining a distinct presence in greater Los Angeles culture. One of the neighborhood’s defining features is the Getty, which delivers world class art from its mountainside perch.

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The Neighbors: Movie Stars, Celebrities, and Upscale Residents

Brentwood has its share of high profile residents but it’s also a mix of affluent families, UCLA students and faculty, and successful entertainment industry professionals who appreciate its quiet quaintness.

What to Expect; Healthful Living, Culture, and Stunning SoCal Scenery

Healthful living, culture, and stunning SoCal scenery. Brentwood’s understated polish pervades the neighborhood. While there are many restaurants, specialty food shops, and clothing boutiques, Brentwood enjoys a slightly slower pace. The town is well maintained, from its manicured parks to its sweeping city streets.

The Lifestyle: Active, Wholesome, and Endorphin-driven

Brentwood residents tend to invest in their health and connect with the natural environment. Opportunities for runners and yogi abound here. Specialty food and clothing shops, like those in Farmshop, power this community’s sharp appearance and organic diet. The Brentwood Farmers Market, one of the best in LA, draws people from all over the city.

Unexpected Appeal: A World-class Museum Around the Corner

The outside area of the Getty is worth the trip alone, not to mention the enormous collection of classic and contemporary art within its walls. It is truly one of the most beautiful places in Los Angeles and a source of pride for the Brentwood neighborhood.

The Market: Architectural and Beautifully Landscaped Homes

Brentwood may feel quaint, but its single family homes tend to be large and modern with manicured lawns. Many sprawling mansions and luxury estates also occupy this sought after neighborhood.

You'll Fall in Love With: Though It Sits Alongside the Hustle and Bustle of Santa Monica, Brentwood Maintains a Neighborhood Vibe

Quaint shops are its calling card and long-time residents greet one another on the area's many running paths and trails, lending a sense of stability and familiarity.

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